So far these are all the ghost junk commissions (+1 art trade) I have gotten!! Just look at all these beautiful depictions, it just makes me so freaking happy to have them!! Artists in order: Moonmolt, AnnaxinSumdac, Moonmolt (again hehe), and xfreischutz

I plan to get more commissions done and force more artists to draw my characters hehehe ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥


sunflower field, Yoshiki Fujiwara


sunflower field, Yoshiki Fujiwara



for those who do not know who cybersix is.

I always feel so pained when people don’t know Cybersix.

Cybersix is a forgotten national treasure of Canadian programming — it’s an unexpected collaboration between the Japanese studio TMS Animation and the Canadian animation network Teletoon. It’s a loose adaptation of the Argentine comic of the same name and cancelled only after a 13 episode season run (probably because it was too good to exist) and market distribution thereafter has been limited and obscure at best.

The MC is genderqueer/nonbinary who presents as a male teacher by day and a lady crime fighter by night, has a brother who also happens to be a panther who also fights crime, has a bara love interest who is drawn to both identities, the villains are ex-Nazi SS agents, AMAZING ANIMATION, and so many other great things.

Also the opening is gorgeous.


Lilith by the-wild-rover


By Salar Kheradpejouh  



i feel sick every time i see an obviously candid photo of a japanese school girl’s legs/thighs/body on my dashboard
like the ones of them just on trains or walking or in a store where either you cant see their face or its cropped out
those are taken by perverts/pedophiles and are a huge problem in japan
the girls in the photos are generally underage (and anyway school uniforms are ALWAYS used as age markers so….) and DONT know the photo is being taken
this kind of thing (as well as upskirts, etc.) are SO common in japan that its actually illegal to produce/sell phones or cameras that allow you to silence the shutter sound so that you cannot take a secret photo of someone
and every time i see the photos on my dash i get chills because its not a cute “kawaii” photo for your pale blog its disgusting  

People really need to get this!!!!!! I have unfollowed so many blogs because they post these kinds of pictures. Please please please think before you reblog these photos!  

Remember, these are unconsensual, sexual pictures of minors.



Work in progress - Bath Scum

Mara Passio

Part of the Femme Fae series.

Featuring Kristina.

More shots.


Remember when Thomas Hickey was my problematic fave


Peace, Charles.


Some outfit art from the RP blog

the final outfit was picked out by Coldwindscutclean for a prompt u v u